Solution & Benefits

A business solution that is fast and hasslefree for the employees | Can be done from anywhere, anytime.

Remote Submission

Submit the expense claims report either from the field using from their mobile devices or from the comfort of their homes.

No receipts or paper work to maintain

Online reports and document attachment features eliminate the need to maintain paper reports and receipts until their claims are approved.

Policy always on tips

Employees will never be in doubt about whether a particular expense is within company policy or not.

Never forget to submit

Alerts when claim reports are due enable employees to not worry about forgetting to file.


Employees can request for pre-authorization of expenses for planned trips and not have to use their own funds.

Faster, full reimbursement

When the claims are submitted on time with all supporting documents, employees can expect full reimbursement faster!

Save time & Effort

Because of not having to prepare XL or paper reports and not having to mail anything, the employees can save substantial amount of time from this recurring non-productive activity.