Features & Pricing

Features & Pricing List: US Region

  Basic Standard Gold Enterprise
Secure Online Centralized expense claims reporting, policy review, approval & analysis
Attach receipts, documents, notes to expenses and claim reports
Mobile & tablet apps for claims reporting
Easy policy review and exception identification
Multiple policies per company  
Custom spending category tags  
GL Code/Cost Center tags  
More custom tags    
Multi-step configurable approval workflow  
Claim amount based approval restrictions  
Pre-travel authorization    
Actual Vs pre-approved expense comparison    
Cash Advance Tracking  
Mileage reporting  
Automatic mileage reimbursement calculation  
Automatically capture mileage from phone GPS    
Reject & Resubmit with notes & attachments    
Partial Approval  
Action Alerts
Spending analysis based on spending categories, GL Codes
Download expense claim reports at any stage in pdf format
Download expenses in XL, CSV, pdf formats
Download analysis reports in XL, CSV, PDF formats
Integration with accounting & ERP systems via downloads
Integration with payroll    
Expense claim reporting in multiple currencies    
Upload expenses from XL, CSV    
Built-in integration with accounting & ERP packages    
Corporate/Personal Card Integration    
Integrated Travel Booking      
Expense reconciliation with travel booking      
Date, amount validation with receipt picture    
Auto create expense report from receipt picture  
Per user (claim submitter) per month $ 3 $ 7 $ 10 $ 15
Three Months Free Trial
License, White Label & Customize