Solution & Benefits

Online review and approvals system that eliminates exhaustive paper management

Approve anywhere / anytime

Approvers can approve the expense claims from anywhere or anytime they have internet available.

No paper, XL reports or receipts

Approvers do not have to sort through or manage XL or paper claim reports. Nor do they have to review paper receipts sent in via post or office mail. They can review and approve/reject claims from a single online portal right from their desk and get more time to focus on more important tasks.

Policy Violations Highlighted

The application automatically highlights all expenses and reports which do not meet company expense policy. Details of violations are also available for review. Approvers do not have to manually compare expenses with policy. This helps catch violations easier, faster and reduce fraudulent claims approvals.

Timely approvals

Alerts for reports pending approval ensure timely approval of the claims.

Project Or Client Expenses

Expenses tagged with project or client names can be easily summarized for management reporting or client billing purposes.

Save time & Effort

RitExpense solutions helps the approvers get rid of the mundane and manual effort associated with reviewing, storing and approving expense claim reports.