Solution & Benefits

Reports, analysis, company wide data management

Automate reimbursement

RitExpense expense claim approval system can be integrated with payables system to eliminate manual intervention thus reducing cases of fraudulent overpayment.

No paper, XL reports or receipts

Approvers do not have to sort through or manage XL or paper claim reports. Nor do they have to review paper receipts sent in via post or office mail. They can review and approve/reject claims from a single online portal right from their desk and get more time to focus on more important tasks.

Integration with accounting

Employee expenses, company expenses or a project expenses can be downloaded from RitExpense and uploaded to other accounting management systems.

Greater compliance / Less fraud

Ease or claim submission, approval, reminder alerts and automatic violations identifications increases compliance and reduces fraud across the company.

Save time & Effort

RitExpense solution is not only useful for direct stakeholders (submitters, approvers, reimbursers) but it also aids non-direct stakeholders such as accounting, finance departments and executives by making company expense data available in easily consumable formats.


Centralized & readily available expense data enables financial analysis which is not possible with paper or XL based expense claims reporting and approval methods.