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About Us

72% of small & medium sized companies in the world still use paper or XL based expense claims submission and approval process. Some of them build home grown solutions only to find that its further more difficult and expensive to maintain such solutions. RitExpense Solutions, LLP was founded with the sole purpose of providing cloud based remotely accessible affordable and advanced expense claims reporting, approval and management solutions to small and medium sized companies.

Our presence in several international markets enables us to capture best practices from one part of the world are make them available to the rest. We are global in ambitions and local in execution. Our experienced product managers based in each country of operation listen to our clients in each market and help us build solutions that are relevant to each regions/country’s business and compliance needs.

Currently we serve North America, Europe and South-east Asian markets from our base locations in the U.S.A, the U.K. and India respectively. We are in the process of expanding to other geographies.

We understand that using a cloud solution for your financial and expenditure data may be a new paradigm for your company. Keeping the data secure may be more important than the functional benefits that a solution provides. With these concerns in mind we have designed our solution to be secure against any kinds of malicious access or attacks. In each region, we deploy our solution in highly fortified and state-of-the-art facilities similar to the ones available to large multinationals. Thus, even small and medium businesses get same availability and security that large enterprises enjoy with their solutions.

Our management team is committed to providing you a secure, affordable and advanced expense management solution that meets the needs of your business today, tomorrow and beyond.


Manish Gupta

CEO, RitExpense Solutions
Atlanta, USA


Pradeep Niranjan

CTO, RitExpense Solutions
Bengaluru, India